Investment Strategy

Perspective’s principals have both traditional fund and independent sponsor experience. Erik Miller, the firm’s managing partner, has been operating in the lower middle market for over 25 years and has developed a differentiated investment strategy that seeks to capitalize on the trends inherent within private equity, the lower middle market and the Minority Business Enterprise community. Perspective invests in both MBE–owned businesses and non MBE–owned businesses.

Perspective is typically the first institutional capital to invest in its target portfolio companies. So its operational approach and ability to help companies take their businesses to the next level are key drivers to generating above market returns for investors.

Founder Focused

Perspective employs a unique investment model that has two distinct strategies:

Operational Investments

Perspective seeks to make investments in and take active roles. Perspective and/or its Board members serve in interim operational roles of its portfolio companies. This active investment approach allows Perspective to quickly and clearly identify the true challenges and opportunities within a new portfolio company.

Perspective Partnerships

Perspective seeks to partner with founder-owned operators and create holding company platforms targeted within the branded consumer or tech-enabled sectors.

The interconnection of investment strategies between Perspective’s Operational Investments and Perspective Partnerships is the ever-expanding network of executives supporting the Perspective team and Perspective Board. Perspective’s mission includes creating a network of like-minded executives who share a common goal of transparency, professionalism, performance, and diversity.

At Perspective Equity Partners, we recognize that our viewpoint shapes how we interpret information and opportunities. That’s why we seek to constantly evolve our own perspectives as investors and advisors through new ideas and learning. We invite entrepreneurs and senior level executives to reach out to us to discuss their own professional journey