The principals of Perspective have extensive experience and success in investing and managing lower middle market companies that operate in the technology-enabled service and branded consumer sectors. The Partner’s reputation and experience within the lower middle market private equity industry has afforded the firm a solid network of executives, operators, brokers, investment banks and lenders. The interconnected nature of these relationships is the foundation of how Perspective was created.

Operational Investment

Investment 2022

Branded Consumer Company is a founder-led business that has grown to a leading natural hair care company that offers a large selection of products that are sold in retail, over the counter stores, internationally and online.

Perspective Partnership

Investment 2023

MokaMoto Worldwide is a diverse-owned, media investment holding company powered by inclusive data and exceptional people. MokaMoto’s operating units – Alpha Precision Media, Converze Media Group and Plural – offer advertisers and their agency partners the ability to ethnically reach and resonate with audiences across an enormous ecosystem of touchpoints while leveraging applied AI to optimize media spend and buy impressions that impress while delivering results.